13 November 2009

Tiny Knits

I am so pleased with this new little clothesline for Emily's room!

Tiny Clothesline

I think she likes it too. And Bella was quite impressed. She requested a sweater to hang on her wall too.

Emily's new clothesline: So Cute!

It was such a cute little project, and used up some extra bits of yarn, all of which are from things I made Emily (the famous bunting yarn is there!).

It was pretty hard to photograph, since it is in kind of a dark corner of the room and I am a total dunce at working my camera (should I just buy the flash or what, any advice would be appreciated!). But trust me, it makes the whole room so sweet! I'm planning on making a teenier tinier one for our fairy garden next spring. I KNOW OMG HOW CUTE WILL THAT BE!!

Speaking of sweet. Just look at these two little hams.

Ready for a bath

Emily is just so thrilled with any attention from big sister. Bella can run through the room and Emily is all arms-flapping shrieking with laughter. "IT'S BELLA! SHE LOOKED AT ME! SHRIEEEEEEK!"

They like each other! I can only hope this lasts a little while.

Emily Bea: 8 months!

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