16 November 2009


Look who just came to join our family!

Hello Rosemary!


She's a little bit shy but likes to giggle. She is well-behaved and polite. Last night was her first evening with the family, and since it was movie night, she had a big time. That's why this morning she is just relaxing with her latte. I'm sure her head is spinning.


I made her yesterday at an all-day dollmaking workshop. It was a great, great time. Watching everyone's dolls come to life (each one completely different!) was so amazing. I wish I had a group photo of everybody's dolls!

I brought Rosemary into the house wrapped in a blanket (it was cold and she was nude) and Bella immediately fell in love. I couldn't have been more SHOCKED. It has been a source of some lament for me that Bella has until now shown no signs of being a doll person (as I am [duh]). She has shown little interest in the other dolls we've given her. So I'm not sure what happened, but Rosemary (who, actually, I thought I was making for myself) has been smothered in love since entering the door last night. She even had to have her own bed (luckily I had an extra doll bed (or four) in the basement) set up next to Bella's for nighttime. And this morning she had to ride buckled in the car to daycare to drop Bella off. I am just in heaven watching her and Rosemary become friends.

I am home with Emily today, who has a touch of the stomach flu so can't go to daycare. Although--typical--she's had no symptoms since 7:30 this morning. Well, hopefully she is feeling better!

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