23 November 2009

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already

What a crafty weekend we had! We started out with the Holiday Fair at the Minnesota Waldorf School. I was super excited. I had been wanting to see inside the school, since I secretly wanted to send the girls there, and also couldn't wait to buy up all kinds of handmade crafties. But then there weren't that many handmade crafties (although we got a cute coat/hat/scarf set for Rosemary), and the school had a weird vibe to it that cured me of wanting to send the girls there. I think Brent about nailed it when he said it was the Renaissance Festival of schools. But the "Gnome Cave" attraction was stellar, and we all enjoyed an awesome lunch. You could also make a gnome and a candle holder, but for some reason Bella wasn't feeling crafty. Shoot.

Sunday we had fun making Thanksgiving cards! We used 54stitch's instructions.


The hardest part was getting Bella to draw a turkey. First she studied pictures of turkeys in Blue Hat, Green Hat. Then she filled a few sheets of paper with scribbles. Then she declared turkeys too hard to draw. Luckily, it occurred to me to make a hand turkey! Phew! Crafting crisis averted.

I love the way her turkey has "wings" down on the chest. Turkey breast(s) anyone? tee hee.

We made tons of prints, since squirting the paint into the pan was Bella's favorite part. Then we glued (gluing! second favorite part) them to the front of cards and wrote "Happy Thanksgiving!" and Bella signed her name. I signed Emily's too even though she didn't really help much and mostly just rolled from the kitchen to the dining room and back, occasionally shrieking as she went by.

Also yesterday we busted out the new ice cream maker. I was going to give it to Bella for Christmas, but then I read the instructions--FIVE hours to make ice cream?? That is so not going to be fun on Christmas day. But it sure is fun while you're making handprint turkeys! And, although it really did take 5 hours in the freezer (maybe not that long if you aren't 3 and don't check on it every 5 minutes), that little $14 ice cream maker made some FANTASTIC ice cream! We made mint chocolate chip and at first Bella thought it was too minty (OOOH MORE FOR ME!) but then wolfed down a whole bowl (DAMMIT!).

It is surreal that this week is Thanksgiving. Tomorrow the girls have a "free" day at daycare and I am going to have a nice day at home baking rolls for the big feast. Should be fun!

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