22 November 2009

Grand Opening!

I suppose it was inevitable. I had to fulfill my shop-owning fantasies somehow. And, so far, the new Etsy Peppercam shop is doing a great job. I get to design a banner! I get to arrange things! I get to make business cards! All very exciting.

Here is what it looks like:

Peppercam Etsy Shop


I sell safety-pin watches, which I have worn for years and let me tell you, they are FUN. Adults love them, kids love them, everybody pours attention on the watch.

Bright and Colorful Safety Pin-Watch

I also have some beaded snowflake ornaments in there, although those aren't getting as much attention as the watches-- even though they are gorgeous (if I do say so myself!). They have a couple issues: a) my photos are kind of crappy, they are a bitch to photograph since they are CLEAR, and b) they take me about an hour each to make so I priced them accordingly, which might be a little steep for the useless decoration category.

And--more shop fantasies--I got to buy packing supplies! What a fun trip to Papersource.

Peppercam Etsy Packaging

I know what you're thinking. Where are the KNITS? Well, I haven't quite figured out what would satisfy the balance between time spent and money earned in the knitting department. Because most of my knitting projects take me hours and hours to do, and no one wants to pay $100 for a baby sweater. But I have the Etsy bug so I'm sure I'll think of something to stick in the shop!


  1. Hooray and congratulations! I've definitely got my eye on those beaded snowflakes.

  2. You should totally sell little clotheslines! Can you do that?

  3. Oooh that is a great idea--to sell all the little clothes for you to populate your clothesline! Is it a problem that a whole clothesline would cost like $50 and have no practical use??

  4. I still think you should start whipping out those cute little smocked dresses! Although I suppose doing them in the spring makes more sense than now. I'm not a mother, but I imagine moms don't go buying a lot of sleeveless dresses for their toddlers as winter descends.