31 October 2009

In which I have recovered enough to update the blog

Phew! That was as close to death as I would like to be for a long while. A super-duper-ally-de-schmooper case of swine flu-monia. I kind of forget between each sick how sucky it is. Sucky! Well it's nothing that three antibiotics, tamiflu, ventolin, advair, prednisone, and codeine can't fix.

I have been contributing nothing to housework, child care, or society for weeks. I am also hooked on The Price is Right, which makes me a cross between a senior citizen and a drug addict. I think I might be able to get a free power chair at absolutely no cost to me.* I showered yesterday and put actual clothes on for the first time in a long time and Bella says, "You look so beautiful!" Thanks Bella! Guess I have been setting the bar pretty low with my 24-hr flannel pants?

But luckily, I was feeling great tonight for Halloween! Want to see pictures? Of course you do!

I should start with the pumpkin festivities. Brent and Bella went to the pumpkin patch and Bella picked out a pumpkin for her and one for Emily. Emily's was small and bumpy. Super cute. Then they painted them.

Bella paints her pumpkin

Emily Paints her Pumpkin

I thought the paints we were using were washable, until Emily got a huge glump in her hair and we put her in the bath to 'wash' it out. Daycare the next day filled out an 'accident observation report' noting their concern about and monitoring of the huge red spot on her head. whoops.

Working on a pumpkin

Brent's pumpkin turned out great. Very spooky and sort of sly looking. Definitely keeping my eye on this one.

Mr. Jack Baker

Here is Bella's "Regular Dora" costume, a costume she wore for her daycare party. She is so proud in this picture.

Dora the Explorer

Here they are tonight, My "Fairy Tale Dora Princess" and Emily Elephant.

The Princess and the Elephant

I sewed Bella's costume from McCall's 2856, with some major pain-in-the ass adjustments to fix the apparent FOUR INCHES of ease they included in the chest. For a 3-year old's gigantic boobs, I suppose. I am the most excited about how the hat turned out. I just bought the thickest fusible interfacing I could find and voila! I had a hat in about 5 minutes. The elephant costume is from my neighbor, thank goodness. Since I could barely finish Bella's costume, working about 20 minutes a day in my decrepit state. Luckily I had it all cut out before I got sick.

Here is Bella after her trick-or-treating. She told me she was the "Master of Disguise! Now take my picture!"

The Master of Disguise

I hope you all had a spooky and fun (and warm! We needed hot chocolate!) Halloween!

*If you get this joke, then you are so busted for watching daytime tv. BUST. ED.

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