12 October 2009


So who loves hot chocolate? I DO! And this horrible weather is a good reason to boil up some water, add some mix, (and some Bailey's, if you are of the grown-up persuasion) and make a toast to six more months of winter. Huzzah!

Here we are making the best of the snow.

My Snow Angels

Emily was unphased by her giant puffer snowsuit. Just give her a nuk and someone to watch and she's like, "Whatev."

Swinging on a nice October day

It was "raining snow" as Bella astutely noticed, which made for excellent snowman building.

A Snowman! (who has apparently been eating blueberries)

We used blueberries for his eyes and mouth, which looked a little gory--I tried to cover up some of the more bullet-holey looking areas with snow.

You can also see Bella's new snow pants and jacket--or as I like to call it, her marshmallow costume. She looks pretty hilarious stumping around in it. We ended up with a mitten emergency--out of the whole (damn) rubbermaid tub of winter paraphernalia, there weren't two mittens that would fit Bella. So that was a good excuse to head over to Rosedale last night and pick up some mittens. And being at Rosedale was a good excuse to have a nice dinner out with my girls (Brent was playing his Monday night DnD). The most amusing part of our dinner was the little boy at the table next to us who could not stop marveling at the size of Emily's head. His mom kept assuring him that all babies had big heads. To which he finally said, "YES, I get it, babies have big heads. But her head is HUGE!"

Technically, I think it is her cheeks that are huge. But he has a point.

Here she is in her new hat. Knit by mama of course.

Emily's Golden Compass Hood

And here she is, falling over from the weight of her huge head.

Whoops! A little tipsy

I just had the best time at home with my girls today. Except I didn't get a thing done. Why is that always the way?

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