13 October 2009

Another Day

We started today off with breakfast in the playroom, on our miniature tea set dishes.

Breakfast in the Playroom

I was sipping my coffee and Bella was eating crispex and a baby banana and Emily was in her jump-up thing that hangs in the doorway, and I was thinking, this is what memories are made of. Just a magical childhood moment. And Bella sighs and says, "I am so BORED!"

Well OK then.

We were up for an outing today, and I voted Children's Museum, but Bella voted Mall of America (she's a huge fan, in case you're new around here) and she claimed Emily voted Mall of America too, so I was outnumbered. Normally I would demand a recount, but hey, what the hell. There's a place for fun in my life.

We all got to ride the Merry-go-round--Emily's first ride! (Except for the Sky Ride of course). I think she liked it. I forgot my camera, but I suppose that would have been a bad idea to be spotting both kids while taking pictures while spinning around anyway, so you can just imagine it in your head. Emily on a pony next to Bella on a giant chicken--pure cuteness.

Then we managed to eat lunch out without any giant-head gawkers nearby. What a relief.

What a fun day. It's hard to imagine that only a couple months ago I could hardly leave the house I was so sick. I try to remember that so that I never take these days for granted.

I am very excited to get my etsy shop started. I love a good project and this one is lots of fun. I am starting out small, just with my safety-pin watches. I haven't gotten up and running yet (I am still waiting for 1400 safety pins to arrive!) but I am not in any rush. It's just an adventure. Because, frankly, my kids have enough handknits, don't you think?! HA!

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