26 September 2009

A whole new estate

Time for a morning in the garden.


Sidewalk Garden

Our yard is so clean and fresh and lovely right now!

New Hydrangeas

Apparently all we needed was 4 guys to work on it for 7 days. These front windows used to have giant weed-bushes and half-dead prickly bushes. Now they have hydrangeas and a magnolia. I am so excited.

Retaining Wall Planting

The gray pointy landscape rocks are gone. This is jack pine bark mulch. Fancy! I hid in the house while they shoveled all the rock up. It was 90 degrees and I was feeling pampered and guilty.

New Fondulac Wall

And here's the most exciting part! New rock walls. The whole point of the project. The new mulch was just gravy, so to speak. Gravy on a big pile of stone mashed potatoes. With globe arborvitae peas. Also in that picture, you can see my new bird bath. Which cost about 0.1% of the project but is possibly my favorite part. I had been talking about a new bird bath for years (seriously! Aren't you glad you don't live with me?) and I find one and bring it home and Brent's like, "Why would you want to attract BIRDS? Ew." So apparently he doesn't like birds? So apparently he doesn't listen to me talk? Well. I guess neither one of those is that unexpected.

Fondulac Steps

Here is the other side, with the steps coming down from the deck. I can't tell you how pumped we are to be able to Exit The Deck. Very Exciting! And that big empty bed there? That's going to be my fairy garden! (I've told Brent all about it for years. He can fill you in.)

Fondulac Steps

Above you can see the Pink Flamingo Willow, a very exciting new tree. Here's a close-up.

Pink Flamingo Willow

We look forward to many happy times in our 'new' yard!

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