03 September 2009

State Fair: Day 9

Breakfast at the Fair

Well, sure I'll eat your delicious sausage from the Hamline Dining Hall!

You know how some days just start out great? This one was like that. We even made a list. It has all the things on it Bella could think that she would want to do today.

Plotting our day at the Fair

Bella and I were so excited to be at the Fair! I mean, really, we were. By day 9, I was wondering if the thrill would have worn off for her. You know, fifth trip and all? But I had no need to worry. It's all about packaging. And today was "Girl's Day" at the Fair! Just us girls. Fairin' it up.

We did girl stuff. Like went shopping (15 marbles for $1!). And got our hair done.

A New Fair-Do

We watched a girl magician, whom Bella and Emily were both very entertained by. I was too, actually. She was charming. I kind of want to hang out with her.

We met up with a girl friend and rode the Ferris wheel. (The super tiny mini pretend Ferris wheel. The one where the attendant can stand up and reach the top if your angelic, well-behaved child is wildly swinging their chair and needs to be stopped.)

Mini-Ferris Wheel

We got a little cup of Fresh Fries just for us and somehow (I really have no idea!) Emily ended up with ketchup all over her shirt. How did you do that, Emmers? Weird!

We watched the parade, which finally--FINE. ALL. EE.--contained the Big Pickle for us to circle on the Scavenger Hunt. Thank goodness that trauma is over. Bella has suggested that he is too hard to find and should be replaced with an airplane. Amen to that, sista.

And now. I bring you a very special moment.


On the Sky Ride

She loved it. But of course she would. Because she is perfect in every way.

First Sky Ride

Then Bella declared herself too tired to make it to the van (um, who's pushing who in the stroller?) without some fortification of the iced cream variety. Well I can't argue with that. Honey ice cream, coming right up!


And then, after playing "storytime" for a little bit out in a shady garden by the Hort building (where all of the stories started more or less like: "Once upon a time, a girl named Bella woke up, and her daddy said 'It's time to go to the Fair!'"), and also despite being fueled by honey chocolate nut ice cream, Bella went out cold in the stroller. Emily too. A nice peaceful stroll back through the Fair to the parking lot.

Tuckered out

I was a bit concerned about bathroom stops with a double-wide and two kids. But I believe in Fairgoer goodwill, so several times just asked matronly-looking women in the bathroom to hold Emily. One of them said to me, "Well of course! You have your hands full. And what beautiful hair you have!" Me: "Oh, why thank you so much!" Her: "I was talking to your daughter." Oh. The one with the orange sparkly hair. Of course. I totally knew that.

Oh! I almost forgot the BEST PART. We got a Fairborne bobble-head doll on sale at the Fair giftshop! OMG! OMFG! It is so great. So so great. Bella is sleeping with it right now. She also informed me while I was making dinner that she would never be lonely again, because she has Fairborne the Bobble-Head Doll.

I'll just let that last sentence soak in for a sec.

I think we're taking tomorrow off from the Fair, so if you're there, give it some love for us!

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