03 September 2009

State Fair: Day 7

Ahhh... solo night at the Fair. Possibly my favorite night of the year. I love family time at the Fair, heaven knows. Why else do you have a family except to take them to the Fair? But Me Time at the Fair? This is my happy place.

Sky Ride

First, a root beer to sip as I saunter. Then some shopping. Grandstand, Coliseum, Heritage Square. I get a Go Girl pee funnel, some Nellie's laundry soap, and a kit to sew a strawberry needle holder. All very exciting.



I stop by to hear Storyhill in Heritage Square. I love a sunset show at Heritage Square. The concert was a bit sleepy, I have to say. And when Chris goes, "This is the first time I've been to the Minnesota State Fair!" there was shocked silence throughout the crowd. [cough] FREE BIRD!

I excused myself to go get a pickle hat.

(which are in the food building at the popular deep-fried pickle booth)

And then I'm taking pictures of cows after watching the rodeo and I get a powerful hunger. I'm so hungry! Ohmygosh! I've waited too long! EVERYTHING SOUNDS GOOD! I proceed directly to the SPAM booth for a big, juicy, pineappley, BBQ-slathered SPAMburger.

Ahhhh. That's better. SPAM fixes everything.

On to the 4-H building (always an experience)

4-H Show

and (I've been saving this one for solo night) Fine Arts. Two of my favorites:

Screen-printed Dress in Fine Arts

Needlefelting in Fine Arts

I ran into Alison and Jed and his parents in the Fine Arts building. I just love Fairendipity. They shared their walleye cakes with me. How good are those things?

We lingered around the Fair. Then I had a craving for some Lefse, which was delicious with some hot chocolate on a chilly evening. We played skee ball. We watched the fireworks. We cruised the Midway.


What a beautiful Fair night.

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