01 September 2009

State Fair: Day 6

Today we met Nana and Grandpa at the Fair!

Nana and Grandpa Day at the Fair!

We started off the morning with a coffee and a churro and a free Star Tribune. Mom had a peach scone. Mmmm. Breakfast at the Fair.

Then we zipped around to see some Fair highlights. First, butter heads! We lucked out and got to see some live carving action! We watched it while we ate a fresh blackberry malt (heavenly, by the way). And here's a shocker: Emily "Butterball Baby" likes ice cream.

Butterhead Carving

Gobble Gobble!

Couple of Turkeys

There was turkey confusion because Mom couldn't figure out how to hold up Bella and get her own head into the hole. So a nice stranger lady is actually holding Bella up. Thanks nice stranger lady! Doesn't the Fair just bring out the best in people? I think so.

We ran into my sister-in-law and the cousins visiting the Big Pumpkin. They had Santa hats. We want Santa hats! Our hat collection is pretty impressive this year:
  • John Deere tractor hat
  • Pig ears
  • Coffee cup
  • Ear of corn
  • Pronto pup
  • Santa hat
  • Chicken
Are we missing any good ones? As you may have seen by my tweet, where I proudly name-drop that I've been emailing the Big Pickle, the pickle hats will be only available Thursday and Friday.

Here's mom in a chicken hat.

Mom Chicken

And the cousins.

Chicken Hats

Taking this picture was like trying to get real chickens to all three look at you. Gah.

And look, kiddie crop art!

Making Crop Art

This was super fun. I had trouble not elbowing Bella out the way so that I could take over. I do love an art project. Especially one with glue! And sprinkling! MAMA LOVES THE SPRINKLES.

We rode the Space Tower (with cousin Nick, Space Tower Tour Guide, narrating the whole time. "From Minneapolis (Vanna White arms).... to St. Paul.... you see it all on the Space Tower."), pilgrimaged to see The Bunting, watched the parade, and rode the Giant Slide. And Grandpa's hat flew off and the slide attendant had to risk life and limb to run up the slide to get it! Most exciting Giant Slide ride ever.

Giant Sliders

It was super un-crowded (although my parents couldn't get over all the people. Hicks.) so we actually ventured into the Miracle of Claustrophobic Birth Barn. We got to see chickens coming out of eggs! And boy did they look tired. Can't. Hold. Up. Head. Poor little things.

We stayed until sunset, because really, none of us wanted the day to end. Bella was still singing the State Fairol as we strollered back to the car. That's my girl.

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