07 September 2009

State Fair: Day 11

Best Fair EVER?

Minnesota State Fair 2009

Attendance was an all-time record this year, so I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Was it the perfect weather?

Super Bouncer

The bargain-conscious economy?*

Me and Emily Listening to a Band

The whole world getting caught up in the romantic, storybook fantasy that is the Fair?

Listening to Some Blues

I think it is the latter. The Fair is an ephemeral Eden. A land of all-you-can-drink milk and honey fudge nut ice cream.

On display are the best we humans can offer: art--from fine to crafty, our most loved and cared for animals, the proud fruits of our gardens, live music of all varieties, delicious food and drink. And the excitement to share it all with each other.

I think the Fair can be largely an attitude. A willingness to soak up all that is good in the world.

This year the Fair has given me such a chance to be thankful. For health, for a beautiful family, and for all the Fairgoers who love the Fair as I do.

Until 2010, I bid you a fond, fond Fair-well, Fair.**

*I don't mean bargain-conscious as in, "I'm losing my house, let's go to the Fair!" but more like "Florida's expensive, let's go to the Fair!" Here is my 2009 breakdown, since, strangely, a bunch of people have asked me how much the Fair costs me (I can't decide if this is RUDE!): Tickets: $94. Food: (coincidentally) $94. Rides: $52. Entertainment: $22. Grand total for 9 days of Fair bliss: $262.
**until tonight, when I get to go to the Fair to pick up my bunting! FAIR! I'M BACK! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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