03 August 2009


Look at my girls, aren't they so sweet?


I am enjoying them both so much this summer. They are so fun to be around. Emily is all smiles and now has new Toy Grabbing Action! Bella is such a proud big sister. She complimented Emily the other day, "Emily, you're such a good nuk-sucker!" I just had to crack up. She also likes to point out that Mommy thinks Emily is a little stinker. Which I said ONCE. Geez.

Not to say it hasn't been a tough summer! I have been struggling with my UC and have luckily discovered a support network I never knew I had. I have also come to terms with surgery, which is a big step for me. Yay for personal growth! Yay for friends! Something positive needs to come out of all this.

Although I must say, after 4.5 hours in the emergency room with Emily last night, I have no desire to ever set one toenail into a hospital again. Don't panic, there was nothing actually wrong with her. She just spiked a fever after being super drowsy all day, then got a rash, and then the last straw was when I noticed her soft spot was bulging and pulsating and (stupidly) decided to google 'bulging softspot.' See, you would totally have freaked out too! I admit, I was the classic overreaction mom (my mom took me to the ER after self-diagnosing me with Bubonic plague, true story)--but I'm ok with being the mom who brings in the totally healthy baby JUST IN CASE. Emily got there and after being fussy and sleepy all day, she was like "Well hi nurses, how YOU doin'? You want a little gummy smile action? You do? Well here you go! What about a little giggle. You like that? Should I coo? COOOOOOO!" It was hilarious. Guess she just needed a change of scenery. They were doing the classic, "Go get Judy, she's got to see this baby!" and I could hear Emily-this and Emily-that out in the hall at the nurse's station. And then one of them came in to get a blood sample and THAT WAS THE END OF THAT. Poor Emmers.

But she's all better today, thank goodness.

Well that's kind of an unusually medically blog post. Yuck. How about a super cute picture of Bella and Brent in a go-kart?


That's better.


  1. Ack, surgery, what? I guess I'm one of the non-supportive, out-of-the-loop friends. Sorry about that. :(

  2. I said "a support network I never knew I had." That's in addition to you, whom I already knew I had!

  3. Oh and the surgery isn't a done deal...I was just proud of myself for being ok with it now if it does come to that. Since I'm kind of vain. But see how mature I am now? SO mature.