30 August 2009

State Fair: Day 4

Family at the Fair!

What's this, another family day at the Fair? But OF COURSE! Because Brent really does love me. And also, honestly, it was a day MADE FOR FAIR. Gor-Geous. I pity the fools not at the Fair today.

Emily Bea was pretty excited that I found the State Fair onesie for her to wear.


I took that picture of her while she was dancing to YMCA. Oh! and you can't see it in there, but she got a tooth on Saturday! FAIR TOOTH!

Today Bella was all about the rides. So first thing, we got some beers and trundled up to the Kidway. (parenting tip: if you each hold a handle of the double-stroller in one hand, you can push while holding beer!) She picked the cars (beep beep!) and the Zoo Train. And later we did the Space Tower (I got stung by a bee waiting in line, can you believe it, but I shrugged it off since I was high on Fair). And then, thrill of thrills, Bella and Brent rode the very exciting Sky Glider!

Sky Glider Ride

They rode that towards the end of the day and the light was all glow-y and sunset-y and the pictures turned out so neat. I sat under the chairs waiting for them to come by, and Emily woke up and was just entranced by everyone floating by overhead. Best baby mobile at the Fair! When they got off, Bella told me she had seen Uncle Dave! And shouted to him! And he shouted back! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Uncle Dave was busy workin' it at Li'l Farm Hands. When we went through, we were excited to see where he would be. Tractor shed? Nope! Chicken Coop? Nope! We found him handing out gloves, shovels, and seeds in the garden. And he was working with a delightful co-worker of his who had been to see the (apparently FAMOUS) bunting! Wow! (Hi Melissa!)

Farmer Dave

(What a ham.)

And how about this ham:


And with the real ham. This picture just melts my heart.

Sisters at the Fair

We also did the Lego Adventure, which was exciting since it involved getting stickers on a badge around your neck--but note to Lego: a brochure of your products is not a "prize" at the end! DORKS! Give us a brick!!

We did the official corn dog versus pronto pup comparison, which we haven't done in many years. It was hardly necessary, of course the corn dog won. Although the pronto pup would be good in a pinch. Not bad at all. We also got some nitro ice-cream to eat next to the Fairchild topiary (whose awesomeness leaves me speechless, by the way) and Brent had a Jaunita's Fajita Carnita, which I had warned him had high exploding potential, but he masterfully ate it without spilling a drop. "I eat a lot of Chipotle," he said by way of explanation.

I am going easy on the Fair food this year, with my crazy insides and all that, but am enjoying packing picnics each day, and then finding beautiful picnic spots on the amazingly lush Fairgrounds. I am so thankful to be well to go to the Fair that I'm not even missing the food one little bit. It's not about the food. It's about the Fair. And I'm so glad I'm there!

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