29 August 2009

State Fair: Day 3

Today was just Bella and me.

State Fair 2009

I think we both had a magical time.

Time for a Waffle

We kicked off the day with an early lunch waffle at Blue Moon. Because what else would you want at the Fair for lunch but a BELGIAN WAFFLE? I wasn't going to argue--I aim to please at the Fair. And it's just what I would have picked anyway.

We then noticed the DNR fire tower. Hey, we've never climbed that! LET'S GO! We glance at the posted warnings while waiting in line. Afraid of heights? CHECK. Fall down a lot? CHECK. Often carried when climbing eight flights of stairs? CHECK. Hum. Well, it's too late now, we're already invested in the line. No place to go but up. Here she is at the top.

Top of the Fire Tower

And guess what you can see from the top? The Spin-A-Paint booth!


She worked very hard on her painting. The guy said only a few drops is enough. And she was very obedient, only doing a few drops of each color. Each color about 10 times.


She liked pushing the spin button, after she figured out what the hell was going on.


Nice job Bella! That's a keeper.

We ran into some Stitch'n'Bitchers at the Farmers Union. We got a good laugh out of Andrew, who had apparently spent some time looking for my bunting in the baking section of the Creative Activities building. I guess it is a BUNting. Teehee. Lucky he has Rebecca to set him straight.

Andrew and Rebecca

Beanie and Brian. They look like that because they're newlyweds.

Beanie and Brian

I had read in the paper about the 12 different flavors of popsicles in the bazaar. So adios guys, off we go! Bella picked strawberry and I got coconut. Then we switched! Many times! Then we called daddy to see what flavor he would have gotten. He said to bring one home for him. Oh poor silly daddy.

Strawberry Popsicle

Time for the parade! Ohmygoodness, it's an Uncle Dave sighting! How lucky is that?

Uncle Dave

Bella was beyond delighted to get to watch the parade with her cousins.
Claire was so sweet, she had to hug daddy for the clowns, the mascots, and the dancing can of Spam. Because it's scary to be two.

After that we thoroughly toured the Hort building, ending with a big head bonk (as many things do with Bella) in the Buzz Booth.

I made it all better with M&Ms and a Sky Ride.

Giant Slide from the Sky Ride

And then it was time to go, since it was getting late and we were starting to miss Brent and Emily. A quick bump into Alison and Jed and we were headed out. We decided to get handstamps just for fun (and because you NEVER KNOW) and the handstamper girl accidentally put the corndog stamp right on top of Bella's cow tattoo.


Now there's one you'll only hear at the Fair.

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