28 August 2009

State Fair: Day 2

Do you think she liked the Fair?


When I uploaded this picture to flickr, I complained to Brent, "Why can't I FAVORITE my own picture?!" Because she is that cute.

It was a stormy morning but turned out to be a beautiful, beautiful day.

Bella was as enthused about the Scavenger Hunt as I had hoped! Even more so, I think. Definitely a highlight and a new tradition. She clutched it and her crayon for hours.

Bella starts her Scavenger Hunt

Here we all are with our pig ears. Except Brent, who was taking the picture. And who, come to think of it, I've never seen in pig ears. Huh.

We Visited the Oink Booth

We stopped by the bunny judging and saw this tower of bunnies.

Bunny Tower

And I'm not even being ironic when I say I would pay for this poster.


We enjoyed crepes for lunch. Bunjour, indeed! Brent had a Top Chef moment when he invented the "All-in-One" crepe, which would somehow entail BOTH strawberries and whipcream AND potatoes and cheddar. Don't love it until you try it...?

Have you seen the beer on a stick yet? Well how cute is that idea?! We kept the stick so we could recreate the magic at home. It's State Fair beer flights for happy hour from now on at our house.

Beer on a Stick, from Summit

Bella is a perfect age to be a Little Farmhand. So helpful! So proud! So confused by many of the chores! It was a-freakin'-dorable.

Little Farmhand

Little Farmhand

Afterward, we were lucky enough to catch FFA Storytime before crashburnsleep.

Except for Emily. She was just getting warmed up.

Happy First-Time Fairgoer!


When Bella woke up, we went for a Sky Ride--a first for her! This video just captures her so well. So sweet. So talkative. So excited to be at the Fair.

On our way out, we happened by this wedding.

Fair Wedding

So how great would that be?

Almost as great as first ever four-person family day was for us. So Great.

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