27 August 2009

State Fair: Day 1

Here I am, opening morning, much too deliriously excited and wearing a pronto pup hat.

Opening Morning

I wandered around while enjoying Moonbeam's State Fair Blend coffee (only $1!) and a new French Meadows churro. Mmmmm. You know what would really be good with that churro? Moonbeam's Peruvian sipping cocoa. Oh. YEAH. I'm going to remember that.

New French Meadows...
New French Meadow Bakery

As soon as I realized the buildings had opened, I zipped over to Creative Activities to see the knits. Wheresthebunting wheresthebunting wheresthebunting, it was so exciting! I finally found it (it is by the scrapbooks) and was BUSTING to see a pink ribbon on it! Fourth Premium! That's like $2 and bragging rights FOR LIFE. Sweet!

My Ribbon!

(Then I had to go to work. Boo!)

Double Ferris Wheel

But I was back in the evening, for a hot night of Thrifty Thursday action.

The first thing I run into is a girl carrying a cow stomach. How much do I love the Fair right now? Here is our conversation:

Me, at top volume: "OHMYGOSH WHAT IS THAT!?"
Girl with cow stomach: "It's a cow stomach. It's for a presentation I'm doing."
Me: "OHMYGOSH!" (because really, what else can you say)
Her, noticing my iPod in my ears but not realizing it is off: "IT IS A COW STOMACH! FROM A COW!"

A Cow Stomach

Alison and Jed and I had a great time shopping in the Bazaar, going through the barns and horticulture building, and agonizing over what food we (Jed) should get next so that we could each have a bite.

Sheep in Hoodies

We discovered that Jed is, among other talents, a sheep whisperer. For me, they were all "MAAAAAAAA! Intruder alert!"

And then I had to be defibrillatored after dying of cute overdose.

A Bunny Washes

Amusing Photo

They are looking at a picture of a bunny trying to clean Alison's lens. Tee hee.

Honey Bears in Formation

The ranks of honeybears always make me think of soldiers. If I were setting them up, they would be sitting at little tables and sleeping in little beds and wearing little scarves.

And look at the proud little pumpkins. Makes me want to go lay under a Halloween quilt. Lucky I just happen to have one.

Proud Vegetables

I stayed for the fireworks and then bid my good-byes. I was still high on FAIR so I stopped at Walgreen's on the way home to buy snacks and supplies for tomorrow. When we will have our first four-person family day at the Fair. I have been waiting my whole life for this moment!

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