20 August 2009

So big!

Little Emily Bea. Where does the time go?
Remember this? Is that Emily or a tadpole?

Bella bounces

And look at her now--sitting up! (And looking a little Rodney Dangerfield? Is that just me?)

Emily Bea in a Bumbo

And eating cereal!

First Cereal!

Which, like her sister, she has decided is unfit to eat.

On Sunday, Brent shouted, "Look, she is licking the bottom of the bowl!" And I come running in, thinking she has finished the bowl of cereal and is smacking her lips for more. But no, she has flipped the bowl upside down and is face down on it, slurping away. She looks up at us. "What? Not right?"

Oh Emmers you are so cute. I just want to love you and hold you, and I absolutely, positively cannot wait to take you to the FAIR. Your first Fair. In this house, it is bigger than Christmas.

In fact, Bella and I are working on a Fair carol (a Fairol, if you will). We don't have a lot of words yet but it is to the tune of "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" It's gonna be great. We are also working on a Fair scavenger hunt that we can do together. I'll post that here when we have it all put together, in case any of you with kids to take to the State Fair are interested!

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