12 August 2009

Hey hey it's beautiful day!

Bella entertains

Bella has been requesting a trip to the Mall of America to drive the trucks for a while now. But I haven't quite figured out how to take her there with Emily Bea yet. Can Emily ride the trucks? I am not sure. I'm guessing not. So we decided to bring Daddy along. He is handy for stuff like that.

First, I needed a little IKEA fix. I have a little framing project and also thought it would be a cute place for a little niece's birthday present shopping. Score on both counts! Except our score was significantly depleted when we forgot all our merchandise on the check-out counter. ALL OF IT. Oh for crying out loud. I guess we were a little distracted with remembering all our kids or something. When we got home later that day, I called and took out my frustration at the IKEA staff. "I LEFT MY STUFF AT YOUR STORE AND I AM NOT SATISFIED! HOW DARE YOU ALLOW ME TO LEAVE STUFF AT YOUR STORE! YOU JERKS!!"

I dispatched Brent on Sunday morning to go get it. He is handy for stuff like that.

Back at the Mall of America, we are such an adorable family (my theory) that a man offers us his ride pass, which his kids apparently didn't use up. Oh! Why thank you, this probably has some points on it! Thank you very much! We'll ride the trucks! Thanks!

And then we scan the ticket: the unused $63 ticket. Holy shoyt that is a lot of truck driving. We rode rides like crazy. Bella and I even went on the big Dora ferris wheel, where I promptly got super scared and Bella says, "Do you want me to come sit on you?" Ohmygosh she is so stinkin' cute. Then, since we were feeling all Brewster's millions and everything, we got her a little Lego set in the Dora gift shop. As always, we love a good trip to the Mall of America.

We had a lovely dinner last night, we are in full swing with the summer foods. I am often found sniffing around the break table at work to see what fruits of other people's gardening labors I can take home. Zucchini, squashes, sweet corn, cukes, tomatoes, beans, greens, it all just appears back there. And I just started reading the new Splendid Table cookbook, which I got for Christmas from Brent but then (I'm sure) threw it aside for some knitting book. But now it is perfect, since it is full of fresh food recipes. I made the Mexican sweet corn--with $6 Mexican sour cream (!) spread on it and some kind of Mexican cheese shredded on it and then sprinkled with chile powder (not me, thank you!)--and it was a big hit with all three of us. We called it "Dora corn!" The tomato stack salad, the garden soup, and the pesto risotto are all super easy and delish too. Here is the Rustic Tart, more or less, from the book:

Blueberry Tart

Blueberry Tart

The inside cover also has menus, which I love love love. Why doesn't every cookbook do that? Some of us are brain-fried and leave OUR STUFF AT IKEA and need as much help as we can get. Please tell me exactly what to serve for supper. Thank you.

And a quick health update, for you sweet friends who ask, and I thank you so much for asking. I am done with Remicade, it has been decided it does not work for me. I type that sentence and I sound very accepting and rational, don't I? The drug I always was saving as my drug-of-last-hope doesn't work for me. Huh. Isn't that a kick in the pants. I am not sure where I am going from here, except that I am back to my old friend, Steroid, who, thankfully, usually fixes me up in a hurry. Because I'm ready for some fixin'--the State Fair is only 2 weeks away!

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  1. That pix of Bella is GREAT! Her eyes are so blue! LOVED your IKEA story more than you could ever imagine. Brought a few tears to my eyes from laughing...but also knowing I'm not alone in the 'at least I didn't forget my kids club!'