19 August 2009

Camping Weekend

A knitter's camping weekend! How great of an idea was this? GREAT! We all brought our families/significant others, and rented out the huge group site at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. The Baker van got lost on the way down there, but it turned out to be such a beautiful lost that I would do it that way again. Green, hazy fields and farmhouses in groves of oaks with cows grazing across the gravel road--GORGEOUS. If I would have been thinking, we should have pulled over and taken some pictures. But instead I was all, "WhatthehellwhereisHwy242whatdid thatsignsayIamsoturnedaroundandIjustwanttogocampingmoanmoanmoan."

Bella and Ava

This was our third (and final, if you don't count the camper cabins later this fall) camping trip of the year and I have it pretty well down with food, activities, packing, etc. Oh, except that I forgot to pack dinner for Friday night. Whoopsies. Well that's what the pack of hot dogs is for, right?

Little Snoozer

We had the best time with the kids playing hide-the-rock (which I painted to look like a bluebird). Hey old people are right, kids don't really need toys!

A Hike

And taking a nice hike to a waterfall, where we ate my free Larabars from the General Mills conference. Yeah. Those are gross. Thanks anyway, General Mills!

On a hike

It rained like crazy on Saturday night, but we stayed pretty warm and dry. Luckily, it didn't start until 9 pm and was a totally respectable reason to run into the tent and snuggle into bed.

Beanie, Emily, and Ava

Next year the only change I would make is to bring along some dye pots. We could whip out some hand-dyed yarn pretty quick with all those helping hands and no need to worry about being neat and tidy. Plus, look! We brought an art teacher.

Katri (photo by Ava)

What do you think, Ava? Ready for some yarn? Of course you are.

Hi Ava!

Look how giant Bella looks compared to little Ava.


We headed back early Sunday to be sure to catch the Vadnais Days Parade and Booya. We watched the parade on our street and then wagoned over to the Booya, the whole way debating whether to hoard $24 (Brent) or $30 (me) worth in the crockpot (Booya is soup, although saying that is like saying gold is an element). When Brent returned from the Booya pavilion, he had $40 worth. OH YEAH! It was a sloshy ride home but well worth it. I packed it away in the freezer and you will know you are treasured friends if the Booya comes out while you are here. Oh who are we kidding, you won't get any.

A jampacked summer of a weekend, that's for sure.

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