19 July 2009

A Sugar Bunting

It doesn't often cross my mind that handknit items for the girls could become heirlooms. But when I finished this bunting, made out of absolutely gorgeous Araucania yarn (made from sugar cane) and put it on little Emily Bea, I thought to myself, Damn. That is a keeper.

Emily's new bunting

Emily's Sugar Bunting

The yarn dye lot change isn't anywhere close to as noticeable in real life, thank goodness. I didn't even notice it until I looked at this picture.

A closer-up of the little cables.

Emily's Sugar Bunting

Doesn't the yarn just look like a confection?

Araucania Yarn

I made the matching hat, too. But the delightful Araucania yarn has absolutely zero elasticity too it, so made a pretty crappy hat. But it looks cute for the picture.

Emily Bea

This took me a couple months to complete, which is FOREVER. I attribute it to 1) I had a new baby and 2) it is a pretty fussy pattern. Lucky for me, my humongous Emily fits into it.

As you can see by the above pictures, it looks pretty good just hanging on the wall. (I seem to have become the crazy knitter who decorates with sweaters.)

My current project is a beaded lace wrap, made with tiny seed beads and linen Euroflax yarn in eggplant. It is sparkly and stunning and I have no idea where I will wear it. I guess I'll worry about that after I finish it. I can always hang it on the wall, right?

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