13 June 2009

What a Day!

What a day what a day what a glorious day! I am just glowing after a wonderful day playing outside. This is the kind of day I think of in the middle of winter and almost cry. Oh, and to be a senior having a graduation party today! Can you imagine? Unbelievable. Did you go to any?

We got up early and got all set up for having our friends Natalie and Elizabeth over to play. We scrubbed the pool and filled it up. We got out the turret slide. We filled up the Billions of Bubbles machine and gave it a test run. We combed through the sandbox and removed all the accumulated wormies. We even set up my old 2-man tent to play in. Oh how Brent and I laughed when we saw that tiny little tent set up. We used to camp in that? Oh my goodness. It looks like it would fit a dog. Well at least it's good for pretend camping.

Here's us all ready to go:

Are we ready to play or what?

And then after the girls arrive, with their mommies of course.

Elizabeth, Natalie, and Bella

They are playing with the Fisher Price Little People Town Center, which is one of our most favorite toys. I normally keep it in my sewing room, because it pays to have a big gun down there.

Here they are giving themselves some tattoo stamps. "Here kids, draw on yourself!" Always a popular activity.

Time for a Tattoo (or two)

One of my favorite moments of the day was when one of the other girls dumped some sand on Bella and she looked at her and said, "Oh No You Di'int."


The girls managed to polish off an entire bag of Dora animal crackers (and then eat almost no lunch, of course!). We had pizza, a salad, sliced apples, cheetos, and yogurt. The pizza was that Culinary Circle stuff from Cub and it was super good. Have you tried any of that line? I know it's for yuppies who don't cook. I bought it as a way to simplify and have minimal work for the lunch today and it definitely worked out deliciously! Nice job, yuppie Amy!

To go with our BLT supper, I made the remaining apples into a salad with celery, raisins, and a peanut butter/yogurt dressing that was totally Top Chef worthy, if I do say so myself. Bella would barely try it, even though it was a quarter cup of mini marshmallows away from toddler food. Oh well. Brent gobbled it up. That's my man.

Here's Emily, waiting to put on her PJs tonight.

Emily Bea

I could just hold her for the next 12 years.

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