06 June 2009

Rainy Day Rebound

Tonight we were going to have our good friends Jay and Ary and their two super cute kids over for dinner. I had big plans for some chicken marsala and a banana chiffon cake. But then poor Ary called, she has a cold. We had to be responsible mommies and call it off. Damn. Being a grown-up sucks.

I went downstairs and ironed 4 1/2 yards of new fabric and then I felt a little better. Ahhh. Wrinkley, smooth. Wrinkley, smooth. That's better. Sometimes I think my favorite part of the whole sewing process is the ironing. 

Here is my washed, ironed fabric, ready to be made into a wrap skirt for me, a dress for me, and a dress for Bella:

Heather Ross Fabric

When my new very exciting much anticipated Far Far Away fabric came in the mail today from Superbuzzy, I tore it open and, in a burst of love for fabric, asked Brent why I don't just open an online fabric shop. His response? "You totally should!" See, that's why I love him. 

I wonder what everybody's doing on a rainy day like today. Let's see. Well, here's Brent and Bella, doing puzzles in the playroom. That looks cozy.

Rainy day in the playroom

We call Bella "The Puzzler" because she is so good at puzzles. For an extra challenge, she likes to mix up the pieces of several puzzles and then put them together. She learned that from Grandma Joanne, who is somewhat famous for working on a Golden Gate at Night puzzle, where almost all of the pieces were black, for a couple years. And why would you do that when you could be knitting? I have no idea.

And what about Miss Emily Bea. What are you up to, little one?

Hi Emily!

Watching her aquarium and having a nice buzz buzz in her bouncy chair. And a nice smile for mama, too. Well aren't you cute.

Emily's having a little growth spurt and has gotten up the last two nights for a midnight snack. (Apparently her cheeks do NOT store milk like camel humps, as I previously thought). Brent got her last night but I went in to help with the diaper change, only because one time he took off the soggy one, put on the dry one, took off the dry one, and put the soggy one back on again. Poor sleepy daddy. So last night I get up to help and he has decided that all the snaps on her sleeper are optional. "That'll take me like 20 minutes to snap them up!" I thought he was joking. But when I went to get Emily this morning, she was laying there kicking little naked legs she'd worked out of her unsnapped sleeper. 

We made a delicious chicken tikka masala (as recommended by Alicia, I left out almost all of the salt and cayenne) with naan and rice pudding for supper. Also, no banana chiffon cake, but we did make Martha's Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies--a delicious recipe and it only makes a few sheets' worth, which is good from the making end of things as well as the eating end. 

A few weeks ago I tried to whip up a batch of those tricky blueberry and cream cookies without Bella's "help" and got totally busted, "AREYOUMAKINGCOOKIES?!" [bulldozes her helper stool into me] "EXCUSE ME!" I laugh every time I think about it. 

I felt exactly the same way on Thursday when I happened to drive by my cousin April's annual garage sale, which she had forgotten to tell me about. "AREYOUHAVINGAGARAGESALE?!" [bulldoze my way to the girl clothes] "EXCUSE ME!"

Tonight in bed Bella asked if she was going to daycare in the morning. I said no, tomorrow we'll read the paper and make some coffee and have a playdate with Natalie and watch a movie for movie night. She closed her eyes and smiled and fell asleep.

So how is your rainy weekend going?

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