26 June 2009

A Package

So how fun is it to get a package? Brent and I are both online shoppers so we get a lot of packages. But I don't mean those kind of packages, the kind with printer ink or shaver blades. I mean the mysterious ones that you have no idea what's inside. I just got one of these earlier this week from my Aunt Betsy. And look what was inside! YARN!

Gorgeous New Yarn

It is from Dancing Leaf Farm in Maryland. My aunt lives in Raleigh and her neighbor was going to the Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival, so she asked her to get some baby yarn. I think it is just what I would have picked. I wonder what I should make. Any ideas?

The same neighbor made the felted pin cushions, which were also in the box. Bella immediately snarfed up the pink cupcake one.

Felted Cupcake Pin Cushion

Leaving Emily/me with the purple turban-y looking one.

New Pin Cushion

There was also a book for the girls.

New Book

Hey, that book looks familiar! Didn't we already get that book? From BETSY? Tee hee.

Overall it was such an exciting package. Thanks Betsy!

I am feeling a tiny bit better with my UC, hopefully due to the big Remicade infusion on Monday. So I'm hopeful that we can get out and pick huge heaps of strawberries this weekend (normally this would be very stressful since strawberry fields have no bathrooms. I always say I would make a terrible migrant worker.) Here's hoping for one rain-free morning this weekend! Mmmm... strawberries!

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