12 June 2009

Mendocino Sundress

So let's be honest here. It's been a tough week. What can I say. Ulcerative colitis is a bitch.

It was a relief to send Bella to daycare today and have a nice little nappy with Emily Bea snuggling into my shoulder. And I was feeling much better by the time preschool was over. I even put on my freshly-made Mendocino Sundress. It has octopuses on it! How can that not cheer you up? It certainly did me.

Mendocino Sundress

Mendocino Sundress

At supper tonight I was holding a squirmy, fussy Emily Bea and realized my boob had popped out. I looked at Brent, "HELLO! You could have said something!" Brent: "Why would I do that?" So now I'm just a teensy bit scared to wear it in public. Maybe we should have a code word? You know, in case you see me stumbling around town wrangling two kids with a boob out? That would make me feel better. How about "octopus." Got it? If you see my boob, shout OCTOPUS.

Glad we got that out of the way. 

When Bella saw my new dress, she excitedly asked if SHE could have one TOO. I had to go in the other room to dance around and do a little cheer before I came back, "Well. I suppose. If you're really good." Ohmygod ohmygod mother-daughter dresses. Stay calm. Don't look too excited. Don't blow this.

We made the most delicious cookies tonight after supper. You see, Martha Stewart emails me cookie recipes every day. I know, so thoughtful of her! And a while back she sent me the Strawberry Shortcake cookie recipe, and I thought, as soon as I'm feeling a little better I'm going to try that one out. So tonight we did.

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Emily was ready for hers!

Ready for some grub?

Just kidding. Tee hee. Isn't she so cute? 


  1. Hi there you look small like me i am just wondering if you ended up using the full 2.5 yards of fabric for your dress? Some ppl said they needed to take it in a lot and i just wondered what you did as yours turned out so well

  2. Hi! I made the small size and didn't use the full length. I think I left off about 10 inches at the bottom. I didn't find that I needed to take it in at all. Good luck!

  3. Hi I just realized you did leave me a comment months back about the sundress! THANK YOU!
    Im only just now getting around to making it and still need to have the pattern printed although now im just debating to make my own patern on the kids ikea paper lol

  4. That dress looks great on you! Thanks for the notes in the comments - I'm thinking about making one of these myself. :-)