21 June 2009

Father's Day Camping

It's Father's Day weekend so time for our annual camping trip! Not that Brent particularly likes camping. But who asked him?

Brent and Bella

This year we went to our new favorite campground, discovered last fall: Willow River in Wisconsin. We like it because the sites are gorgeous, big, and wooded. Also, you are welcome--nay, encouraged--to have alcoholic beverages. As opposed to Minnesota State Parks, which are dry, so you secretly bring in beer and pour it into your camp mug and then try to hide the bottles in the van. It's humiliating.

Bella and me

The weather was fabulous. Mid-80s, sunny. We went for a big hike through the woods and popped out at a huge waterfall. Wow.

Willow Falls Bridge


Then we hiked up some (like 500) steps and were swept off our feet by this view.

Willow River

Having a rest

Whew! What a hike. Emily woke up for the walk back, so I turned her facing out in the sling and she looked all around. I think she liked it.

Back at the campsite, it was time for a well-deserved snack. Bella and I whipped up some camp ice cream! We did it Girl Scout style with ziplock baggies. I knew all that Camp Lakamaga action would come in handy some day. I forgot to pack sugar to add to the half-and-half, but I did have cinnamon-sugar. So it was cinnamon ice cream! mmmmm.

Cinnamon Ice Cream

Camp Ice Cream

Then Bella and I put together a special project: a camp funicular! We glued it all, hung it up from some trees, and then delivered lots of leaves, rocks, twigs, and corn chips to the people "up the mountain."

Every campsite needs a funicular

We had a great dinner of grilled corn, pocket pizzas, and baked beans. I got to use our new propane camp stove, which worked great! I forgot marshmallows, but I did bring crescent rolls to cook over the fire. So we had a nice bedtime snack. Anybody else know any good camping dinners? I usually blank out right before it's time to go.

Here's Emily Bea sitting around the campfire the next morning, still bundled up from sleeping.

Emily buzzes around the campfire

After some pancakes it was time for Brent to open his Father's Day presents. Bella had been keeping hers secret for a long time. Only once divulging that "It's a pillow!" to Brent. But no details, so we were still ok. She had packed them all up in this strawberry shortcake bag. Very manly.

Father's Day Card

Father's Day Presents

Father's Day Present

She drew the picture of Brent holding her upside down and the word "Dad." Then she picked what colors I should use to embroider them. We had fun with our Secret Project! He also got a paint project from Emily, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (our next read aloud book), Wii Active (so we can get hot bods), and Repo the Genetic Opera original soundtrack. All excellent gifts for our excellent dad!

Emily caused some excitement on Sunday when she almost rolled over. But it turned out to be more of a tip over and resulted in me having to clean leaves out of her mouth. Here she is seconds before:

Tummy time in camp

But she wasn't too upset, so it turned out fine. I think she liked camping--she watched the leaves over our site for hours and slept in the tent like an old pro.

I hope you all had a nice Father's Day. When we got home I was so sad to hear that my co-worker's beautiful, sick, 2 year old daughter had died on Saturday night. I'm sure her husband did not have a nice Father's Day, and it made me so grateful for all that I have. I am so thankful for my girls and their wonderful dad.


  1. I like a wood fire
    I have a small portable wood burning camp stove that I use in the garden
    when the grandchildren say over.

    We all wrap up warm and sit around the fire cooking good things to eat.

    They take it in turns to light the Fire-Spout the idea is they must light it with only one match

    It's great fun

  2. That is...kind of weird spam.

    (It *is* spam, right?)

  3. Yeah I wasn't sure either. But I believe it is camping spam? Definitely a niche market.
    Notice I didn't delete it because I was so excited to get a comment. I'm popular!