25 May 2009

Maternity Leave: it's been real

So hey maternity leave, just wanted to write and let you know I'm going to miss you. We had some good times (reminder: snuggly baby!!), we had some bad times (reminder: raving sleepless lunatic mommy). But I never uncorked the wine or the whoopass before 3 pm (although Bella does now ask what hour it is constantly, in hopes that it will be "happy hour" and she can partake of apple juice and pistachios). I consider that a sign of success!

I will so miss spending the day with my little Emily Bea. My little Princess Pumpkin Pants. Just look at that face!


She's just starting to smile, and often greets me in the morning with a big baby grin. Why Hello Mom! She is still highly traumatized by the bath (as opposed to baby Bella, who was part mermaid), yet highly entertained by anything with an aquarium/bubbly water theme (also as opposed to Bella, who was highly entertained by nothing). She likes to watch TV (!) and enjoys blowing gas. A combination which most certainly will make her my mom's favorite grandchild. She turns into a limp noodle of ecstasy when you put her in a sling. Most importantly, she sleeps through the night almost every night (there! I've officially jinxed it). She has had only a few medical complaints--primarily a little acid reflux, which has been doing well with baby Prilosec. And once I didn't give her a bath for a week and her ear grew some fungus. whoops. Sorry about that Emily.

I took the girls to Rochester last week and had so much fun in the summer weather. Here is Bella chasing bubbles from the new Billions of Bubbles machine from G'ma Joanne.

"More bubbles than you can imagine!"

And here she is helping G'pa water his garden.

Helping Grandpa Water

Dad's apple trees were amazing. I took some pictures but they don't do them justice. Looks like a bumper crop for this fall--bring it on!! Dad's Honeygolds--best food on earth?

Dad's Apple Trees

I even got a manicure while I was there in preparation for Beanie's big wedding on Sunday. I came back and was not surprised to find Emily and mom happily laying on the couch watching "Dancing with the Stars." Dad and Bella were making rhubarb cake.

Rhubarb Cake

A project that reminded me of a project that I'd been meaning to do for a while--a family cookbook. So dad gave me all his recipes. I am in the process of sorting through them all and have decided to make as many as possible so there will be good photos. I started already with a few:

Layered Salad
G'ma Cecchi's Layered Salad

Seafoam Salad
Marie's Seafoam Salad

Chef Boyamihungry Potatoes
Chef BoyamIhungry Potatoes

I'm very excited about this project--I think it will be wonderful to have all the family recipes preserved. I am going to scan in the ones that are in old/dead person handwriting. Brent's mom was even talking about having her sister(s) show me how to make the coveted and elusive German potato salad that is famous in her family. I think this is going to turn out to be the project of a lifetime.

Speaking of projects--my sewing machine is repaired!!!! Steve the Bobbin Doctor in St. Paul gave her a tune-up and declared her a "very nice machine." (Now say my kids are cute and I'm yours forever). I am going to pick her up on Wednesday and can't wait to see how she runs! What will I make first? (or more accurately, which half-finished project should I finish?)

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