05 May 2009

Carpe Plantem

I was recently going through one of my (many) boxes of momentos looking for souvenirs I could frame. I ran across my box of memories from Sevilla, Spain, where I worked as a young and pampered graduate student. Oh what distinct memories of Spain I have! I was on my "trip of a lifetime," so I had a unique sense of adventure and bravery and carpe diem. Looking through that box of memories made me feel proud of who I was during that trip. Not that I wasn't miserable some of the time--my misadventures provided constant entertainment for my Spanish co-workers and also, do you have any idea how hot it gets in Southern Spain in July?Good Loooord.  

I guess all I'm trying to do here is justify buying this:

Orange Tree

A $40 bit of sentimental zone denial tomfoolery. 

Supposedly you can bring it in the house for the winter. But the greenhouse guy was hinting to me that I would probably kill it. And he seemed to know what he was talking about.

Well, even if it only lasts the summer, it will be wonderful. My very own orange tree. I'm so excited.

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