25 May 2009

Best day for a wedding... ever?

I think Beanie may have gotten the best wedding day ever. Sunny, warm, and still Spring-y enough to smell of lilacs. And no one took the weather for granted after a rocky spring. We were all fairly delirious.

Just look at that bride. Gorgeous. Glowing.


Brian and Christine

And with her Stitch'n'Bitch girls (that's me on the right, of course, don't you love the dress? It's from Anthropologie):

The Girls with the Bride

For a wedding present (Beanie--spoiler alert! But you're on your honeymoon anyway, so what are you doing reading blogs?), I embroidered some flour sack towels with the Sublime Stitching camping designs. I so stupidly forgot to take pictures--they turned out adorable. I think my favorite was the campfire and s'mores one. I bundled them in a bread basket with two Evla pottery coffee mugs (a small one for her, a big one for him) and an insulated carafe. Don't you love theme presents? So fun to put together.

Well, time to go make some bottles, pack some diapers, pack a lunch, and get the coffee ready. Back to reality!

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