25 April 2009

Say my kids are cute. Say it!!

February Baby Sweater

Is that not the cutest baby you ever saw? I suppose that all self-respecting parents must argue that THEIR babies are cuter. But I know, deep down, that is the cutest baby you ever saw. You just can't publicly admit it. I understand. (wink wink)

February Baby Sweater

It is 40 degrees today, so it is still acceptable to be dressing babies in woolens. I guess that is the bright side of Minnesota weather. Lots of sweater opportunities. 

Yesterday we went to the Mall of America. Which, I always like to remember, was the Bastion of Materialism Whose Doors I Would Never Darken when it was built. They destroyed wetlands and historic structures to build it! How clearly evil. But then I went and I rode that log chute ride and damn, that was fun. Then they put in a DSW shoe store and a store that only served peanut butter (alas, gone now), making for many blissful shopping trips. And the final nail in the coffin of my righteous scorn? A Dora themepark. What can I say? There's a place for fun in your life, at the Mall of America! 

We were sitting in the ice cream parlor in the middle of the themepark, enjoying an ice cream cone, when Bella spotted a life-size Dora walking around. She told us she was all done with her ice cream cone, handed it to Brent, and ran through the crowds of people right into Dora's arms. She was just bursting with joy. It was a sight I will remember forever! 

Especially since we bought the $9.95 picture that captured the moment.

Dora the Explorer!

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  1. Look cute to me. Must take after their Grandparents.