27 April 2009

Picture Day

Today is picture day at daycare! I was so excited to whip up this "dress" for Bella to wear. I made a size 2T (I meant to make a 3T)--and it barely fits as a shirt. whoops.

But I always like the dress-with-jeans look. So runway.

New dress for picture day

I also managed to capture a classic Bella expression. Seen several times a week but never before captured on bytes.* I'm not sure if it's really as funny as I think it is, but dang I think it's funny.

New dress for picture day

Bella was psyched to wear it, which is a first. She has tolerated a few homemade garments before, but never been all, "I look pretty!!" like she was in this one. I believe the key is the matching headband, whipped together as an after thought. When she first tried to put it on, her ears almost came off and she started to cry. So we had to add a little extra elastic. I obviously have a size perception and/or growth denial problem. 

I am very interested to see how her pictures turn out because when I picked her up she was wearing the headband like Rambo.

*"captured on bytes" is my new phrase I am trying to coin to replace "captured on film." It'll sweep the nation shortly.

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