22 April 2009


Last night was Picture Night at Hop'n'Tots. I have been rolling my eyes at the excessive frou-frou-ness of Bella's costume. But when she had it on with all the other girls it was so stinkin' cute.

Admiring their nails




The recital is in two weeks. I was stressing to Bella that she needed to be careful with her costume since she needs it to be nice for her recital. She says, "Recital?" And I said, "Where you're on stage and mommy and daddy are in the audience, you know, a recital." And she gives me this look like, "WTF did you just say. I am going to be doing what?" So this just might end up similar to the Christmas recital (reminder: WAH!). We'll see.

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  1. Are the other girls older? Or is Bella just a foot shorter by genetic influence?