14 April 2009

Hippity Hoppity

What an Easter it was! A veritable banquet, with 25 people, 2 hams, and absolutely miraculous weather. We egg hunted outside WITHOUT SNOW. We played at the park and hung out on the deck. It was, most definitely, the best Easter ever.

It wasn't immediately obvious how to setup the house for 25 people to eat. We ended up with two tables in the kitchen, two in the living room, and one in the entryway (that one just held hors d'oeuvres). My parents came the night before and helped with all the setup.

Easter Table

Then we awoke to the Easter bunny's surprises! She had left baskets and eggs to find. Bella had spotted Hi-Ho Cherry-O in my van a few days before (DOH!), but I was just buying it because the Easter Bunny had called and told me she couldn't fit it in the basket so could I get it? I said sure.

From the Easter Bunny

Egg Hunting

Bella was very good at finding all the eggs. She said, "Maybe there's one in the birdfeeder!" And there was!

Then it was time for some serious food prep. Or, more truthfully, time for my dad to do some serious food prep while the rest of us all took showers.

He put the hams on the deck (genius). So the whole neighborhood smelled like ham. You're welcome for that, neighbors.

Hams on the deck

Then he artfully decorated some tarts. These tarts were so AMAZING. There was hardly a crumb left at the end of the day.

Tart Making

My brother Dave arrived early to setup his appetizer, delicious deviled eggs. Which I think were actually made by Libby--I got her "recipe" (turns out it is just mayo, salt, and pepper) because these were very addicting and Brent and I defensively ate them afterward (that's where you eat a couple more than you should because you know the other person will eat them if you don't. It's very healthy.) I was excited when he went to look for paprika and was suitably impressed by my OCD spice cupboard.

Deviled Eggs

The buffet turned out to be quite a spread. I believe my favorite item were my cousin April's garlic green beans.

Jackson at the buffet

We celebrated G'ma Joanne's birthday with lots of pie.

Joanne's Birthday Pie

Little Claire got tuckered out playing outside.

Claire tuckered out

Then it was time for an egg hunt outside and some impromptu pruning. Apparently laughing at the tiny saw on my cousin's swiss army knife was a good way to get some branches trimmed off the oak in the front yard.


And my dad, never one to miss out on lopping off branches.


Here we are at the end of the day, only a little worse for wear:

Easter Family

And yes that's a broom and a carrot shaped burp cloth. Not the exact props I would have chosen, but at least we got a family picture!

This post is quite different than last year's bitchfest about the weather and the stupidness of the church calendar and blah blah blah. Stay tuned, I'm sure that will be back next year. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful day too!

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  1. Cute photos! The deviled eggs also had mustard in them (the regular ol' American yellow kind).