11 March 2009

A New Game

Since I figured Bella would need a little extra attention (and also since I can't stand Chutes and Ladders--CAN'T STAND IT. Yes I know capslock is shouting, that's how bad I CAN'T STAND IT) I made Bella this memory game. She loves it and, when she is paying attention (which is about 10% of the time), she can kick my butt at it.

Matching Game

I used pictures from our past year: spring flowers, kite flying, jack-o-lanterns, the Fair.  And also pictures of everyday around-the-house things, like her favorite toys and foods. 

Matching Game

The game was simple to make, just print out pictures on inkjet fabric (don't forget, like I did, to do two of each picture), stitch them to squares of fabric and batting, and then proceed to kill yourself pinking 144 edges. And don't forget to insert husband commenting, while you are killing yourself pinking 144 edges, "Can't you buy Concentration for like $10?" But, I defensively point out, THAT only buys you $10 worth of love. I am shooting for PRICELESS AMOUNTS OF LOVE. And yes, I was all sassy and capslocky when I said it. I'm as surprised as you are that he puts up with me.

Here's Emily Bea, in repose.

Emily Bea: Usual Pose

She is wearing my favorite outfit from when Bella was a newborn: bunnies sitting on mushrooms. It is microscopic sized, so she'll be able to squish into it for about another 24 hours. After that maybe one of her chins can wear it.


  1. Aw, I loved Chutes and Ladders! Of course, I was a kid at the time. Maybe now I would hate it, too.

    And I'll have you know that I saw the pics of the game on Flickr (before seeing them here) and said to myself, "OMG she totally made that herself. She. Is. Crazy." (But in a good way.) Same fabric as the Super Big Sister cape, right?

    Love the pic of the-chins-I-mean-Emily.

  2. Emily literally looks like a doll in this photo. So beautiful!

  3. If you don't like chutes and ladders stay away from high ho cherry oh....