30 March 2009

Just an update

I finally finished the Fred sweater for Emily. It is a small size but she still won't be wearing it for a little while. Even though her and her cheeks weigh almost 9 lbs now. You go girl.

The cotton yarn and the spring green color make it, I think, a perfect spring sweater. Every Minnesota girl needs spring sweaters.

The Green Sweater

Svale Sweater

This is the sweater that, if you've seen me in the last 2 months, you've heard me complain about the yarn shop not mailing me the last ball of yarn that I needed. I finally was able to move on with my life by dispatching my dad to the yarn shop. He is retired and, lucky for me, had nothing better to do.

Emily is still sweet as can be. She likes to snuggle, which is so nice for the mommy of a preschooler who lets you snuggle her about once every six weeks ("PLEASE leave me alone!" or "I have put up the [imaginary] NO SNUGGLE sign.").

Bella is coping with Emily by turning on the DRAMA full blast. Which involves a lot of stomping out of the room crying over whatever-it-is-this-time. It is pretty easy to be incredibly un-mommy-ly annoyed by this. But then I see these pictures, taken last weekend, and just look how little and sweet she is.


Bella, Me

And she was quite proud to show off her little sister.

Bella, Emily

And show off her own camera skills.

Bella is a photographer

Emily slept through the whole photo shoot.

Emily Bea


Emily Bea

So sweet.

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