07 March 2009

Cuter than cute

Emily Beatrix

Just look at those cheeks. Sometimes I want to eat them. NOM NOM SMOOCHIE NOM

Little Emily Bea is so super adorable. And she is fitting into our family just fine.

Happy Family

Bella insists on calling her "Emily Elizabeth," the little girl in Clifford the Big Red Dog. So just ignore her if she seems to know what she's talking about. But other than that, the whole I-get-angry-if-anyone-corrects-me-on-her-name thing, she is blossoming as a big sister--very helpful and loving.

Big Sister Little Sister

We are just getting to know her, but so far Emily likes:
  • Drinking bottles
  • Sleeping
  • Hiccuping
  • Making little snorting noises while drinking bottles
  • Making little snorting noises while sleeping
  • Making little snorting noises while hiccuping
She does not like:
  • Sponge baths
  • Having her diaper changed (surprise)
  • Having her nose beeped (wha??? That is one of my only tricks!)
She is the perfect freaking baby, which Brent and I can't quite get over after having been the creators of Baby "Colic Storm" Bella. Five days in with Bella we were filthy, hungry, and gently removing sharp objects from each others' hands.

Five days in with Emily Bea and we're making videos!


  1. she's a cutie, Amy. Do I recall from our childhood you also making snorting noises? Maybe it's heriditary....

  2. Oh that just melts my heart!!!! She is beautiful!

  3. she's so uber cute!! You find the most fun songs to go along with your videos.


  4. I do still inadvertently snort! Poor thing, inheriting snorts!