23 March 2009

Behind the Green Door

Look at our nice new green door.

St. Patrick's Day Family

It was the perfect backdrop for a Saint Patrick's Day family photo, which actually worked on the first try using the tripod.

For the house, I was going for the color scheme they use at Salut Bar Americain in St. Paul. Which apparently is fine on a French bar but fairly controversial out in VH. I have had much amusement listening to my neighbors try to say something neutral about it.
  • It's different!
  • We noticed it right away!
  • What happened to your door?
  • White would match your house better.
  • Did you hold up a paint chip before you painted it?
  • Have you lost your mind? (ok, this one's not neutral)
But then, just as I was starting to wonder why I was the only one who liked it, the Erbert & Gerbert's delivery girl told me she was crazy for the colors of our house. Crazy! I knew there was a reason we loved Erbert & Gerbert's. They're always there for me...with a kind word and an avocado-filled sandwich delivered to my (awesomely green) door.

With all the excitement of the green door and the people visiting to tell me they hate the green door, it's easy to overlook our quiet little Emily Bea.

Emily Bea: 3 weeks

Which is exactly what I did (overlooked her) yesterday when we went to the park. Emily got left in her swing back at the house. Whoops.

Besides the whole child endangerment thing, maternity leave is going great. My to-do list has things on it like, "felt Easter eggs," and "make baby book." Fun stuff! Stuff you don't even need to put on a to-do list. But I do anyway, to remind myself that there are things to do OFF THE INTERNET.

Speaking of fun stuff. I made Bella this little top, from a kit from littlefishbigpond on etsy, which I stumbled on while googling "pride and prejudice," which is something I just randomly do, apparently.

Mod Tunic for Bella

I just love the fabric. Don't you? You don't? Well screw you. I bet the girl from Erbert & Gerbert's would like it.

Shockingly, Bella actually will put it on. And even wear it for short amounts of time. AND allow me take her picture. Which pretty much makes this the most successful garment I've ever made her.

Mod Tunic for Bella

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