15 February 2009


Thanks for all the bunny love emails and comments! I'm surprised at how sympathetic and lovely people are about little Spooky. I had never lost a pet before, but I think most people have and so they immediately understood that, even though they're old, even though it's for the best, even though they're just a silly little bunny, it is still SO sad to have them leave you for the last time in the vet office. Standing there with the empty pet carrier and a wad of tissues, watching as they carry him to the back room. Thinking, "How am I going to explain this to Bella?" I made a beeline for the parking lot and almost made an escape before one of the desk women came running after me, yelling, "I'm so sorry!" And after that we're both blubbering outside in the dark and the cold.

I told Bella that Spooky was sick and had to stay at the vet's office and not come home. I chickened out at using the word DIED. Although on Friday when she asked me where her plant for her playroom was, I told her it died (I forgot we put it in there so it never got watered) and it didn't seem like a big deal. So now I'm thinking I need to be more honest about Spooky.

We had a nice easy-going day on Friday, we cleaned and packed away all of Spooky's stuff, had a playdate, made valentine's cookies, and went to her 3-year check-up (which we were both very excited involved no shots!). I also made the best yellow split pea soup. Which I decided not to photograph because split pea is a soup made for radio, if you know what I mean. But we did take pictures of the cookies, which turned out so cute.

Valentine's Cookies

Bella told me the big one was the mommy cookie, then she smashed a little cookie on top and said that was the baby in her tummy.

Here they are post-sprinkle extravaganza:

Valentine's Cookies

Friday night I did something nice for myself and cast on a pair of socks. For me! Not for a baby or for a gift or for Bella.

Starting some Monkey Socks

I love the yarn--Valley Yarns Franklin. The color is called Frog in a Party Dress, but I said to Brent that it looks more like Frog in a Blender. He looked at it and pointed out there was no accurate blood color. Um, ew. But at least I got him to look at my yarn.

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's day! We had a lovely date with an extravagant dinner at Muffeletta in St. Paul (I got sea scallops!), followed by a movie, Coraline (3-D!). We had a lot of fun and are hoping to live on that night out for a while now. Since we will soon be, as one of my friends in college put it, "serving our sentence in baby jail." But at least baby jail has wine, praise the lord.

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