23 February 2009

Family Things

Since Bella was born, I've kept a little family notebook--jotting down anything interesting that happens or something funny Bella does. I tried a few different formats--calendar with day boxes, appointment calendar, plain notebook... and am just tickled with this one for 2009, found on Etsy.

My family journal

My family journal

I am going to order a bunch more for years to come.

I note down big stuff, like trips, and little stuff, like how Bella yelled for daddy in her sleep last Thursday and he went tearing in there. And basic good-to-know stuff, like when we got the new furnace and when I got an oil change or started seeds.

It seems like a good way to end the day, selecting the best memory to write down.

I don't expect these books to live on as family heirlooms. In fact, my mom just chucked a bunch of this type of journal kept by her mom (and I don't blame her--that's a lot of data!). But for now they are one of my little treasures.

Speaking of things that WON'T be chucked, ever, here is a little cape I made for Bella to wear when she visits the baby.

Superhero Cape

"B" is for Bella, and embroidered around it says "Super Big Sister."

Superhero Cape: Detail

I have it packed in my hospital bag to give her when she comes for a visit. I can't wait to see if she will be excited to wear it!


  1. Love the journals, an awesome way to remember things. I'm in love with the super cape for bella visiting Peanut. What a fantastic idea!

  2. The cape is so cute! And you're right -- those notebooks are great.

    So are you at home now until the big day? I'm very confused by your posting/emailing schedule of late. :)

  3. Fabulous!!!! The cape is awesome and I can't wait to see pix of her wearing it! She'll be so proud!

  4. I'm so glad you guys think the cape is a cute idea! I am hoping she'll like it.

    I am still going to work part-time, as usual. But sometimes I sneak in a quick post from there--I figure it all evens out with the work I do from home!