28 February 2009

38 Weeks

38 Weeks

I so thought I'd be done by now. But I am trying to be patient and savor these last days of pregnancy. Baby will come when baby comes. At least I am having time to whip up a coming-home sweater.

I am proud of myself for having these pictures taken. I know some day they will be very special to me and to Peanut. Right now, they kind of make me want to cry. (Chalk it up to hormones).

23 February 2009

Family Things

Since Bella was born, I've kept a little family notebook--jotting down anything interesting that happens or something funny Bella does. I tried a few different formats--calendar with day boxes, appointment calendar, plain notebook... and am just tickled with this one for 2009, found on Etsy.

My family journal

My family journal

I am going to order a bunch more for years to come.

I note down big stuff, like trips, and little stuff, like how Bella yelled for daddy in her sleep last Thursday and he went tearing in there. And basic good-to-know stuff, like when we got the new furnace and when I got an oil change or started seeds.

It seems like a good way to end the day, selecting the best memory to write down.

I don't expect these books to live on as family heirlooms. In fact, my mom just chucked a bunch of this type of journal kept by her mom (and I don't blame her--that's a lot of data!). But for now they are one of my little treasures.

Speaking of things that WON'T be chucked, ever, here is a little cape I made for Bella to wear when she visits the baby.

Superhero Cape

"B" is for Bella, and embroidered around it says "Super Big Sister."

Superhero Cape: Detail

I have it packed in my hospital bag to give her when she comes for a visit. I can't wait to see if she will be excited to wear it!

22 February 2009

Big Red

What a nice weekend. I thought I was going into labor on Friday night, but I said, "No! Not until I've had breakfast with Clifford the Big Red Dog!" And that was that.

High five!

Storytime at Clifford Breakfast

As expected, Bella was pretty shy around a giant red dog. But she gave him a high five and even wrote him a note. She spent most of the time cutting out her Clifford ears and cleaning out the fruit tray on the buffet.

Bella wrote a note for Clifford

We stopped at McDonald's next door for an ice cream cone on the way home, since it was a weird had-a-huge-breakfast-but-that-was-3-hours-ago kind of day. And when we got home, Nana and G'pa called and asked Bella if she had seen someone big and red at the Children's Museum. Bella: "Ronald McDonald!!"

17 February 2009


Ice Skating

At our neighborhood rink yesterday.

"I want to go home."
"I'm going to just WATCH."
"My bumbum is cold."
"Carry me!"

and finally,

"I'm skating! I'm a ballerina!"

15 February 2009


Thanks for all the bunny love emails and comments! I'm surprised at how sympathetic and lovely people are about little Spooky. I had never lost a pet before, but I think most people have and so they immediately understood that, even though they're old, even though it's for the best, even though they're just a silly little bunny, it is still SO sad to have them leave you for the last time in the vet office. Standing there with the empty pet carrier and a wad of tissues, watching as they carry him to the back room. Thinking, "How am I going to explain this to Bella?" I made a beeline for the parking lot and almost made an escape before one of the desk women came running after me, yelling, "I'm so sorry!" And after that we're both blubbering outside in the dark and the cold.

I told Bella that Spooky was sick and had to stay at the vet's office and not come home. I chickened out at using the word DIED. Although on Friday when she asked me where her plant for her playroom was, I told her it died (I forgot we put it in there so it never got watered) and it didn't seem like a big deal. So now I'm thinking I need to be more honest about Spooky.

We had a nice easy-going day on Friday, we cleaned and packed away all of Spooky's stuff, had a playdate, made valentine's cookies, and went to her 3-year check-up (which we were both very excited involved no shots!). I also made the best yellow split pea soup. Which I decided not to photograph because split pea is a soup made for radio, if you know what I mean. But we did take pictures of the cookies, which turned out so cute.

Valentine's Cookies

Bella told me the big one was the mommy cookie, then she smashed a little cookie on top and said that was the baby in her tummy.

Here they are post-sprinkle extravaganza:

Valentine's Cookies

Friday night I did something nice for myself and cast on a pair of socks. For me! Not for a baby or for a gift or for Bella.

Starting some Monkey Socks

I love the yarn--Valley Yarns Franklin. The color is called Frog in a Party Dress, but I said to Brent that it looks more like Frog in a Blender. He looked at it and pointed out there was no accurate blood color. Um, ew. But at least I got him to look at my yarn.

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's day! We had a lovely date with an extravagant dinner at Muffeletta in St. Paul (I got sea scallops!), followed by a movie, Coraline (3-D!). We had a lot of fun and are hoping to live on that night out for a while now. Since we will soon be, as one of my friends in college put it, "serving our sentence in baby jail." But at least baby jail has wine, praise the lord.

12 February 2009

Goodbye Sweet Bunny

Spooky Bunny


Saying good bye was so much harder than I thought it would be. Rest in peace little bun.


Bella takes a little dance class once a week at the local elementary school and last night was the highly anticipated PARENT WATCH NIGHT! My first thought upon waking on Tuesday was that I needed to prepare the cameras. Because as usual, it is ALL ABOUT THE PICTURES.

Here she is waiting for class to begin. Right after this picture the girl next to her gave her a big hug. How cute are 3-year-olds?

Dance Class

Bella is the little short one all in powder pink, with the handknit legwarmers. Meticulously following the teacher. But you knew that.

Dance Class

Now it's time for a mid-class shoe change. Something the teacher normally does without the help of parents. How does she do that?

Coming to get ballet shoes

Off with the tap, on with ballet.

Shoe change (Tap to Ballet)

And for the ballet part of the night, she got to be a monkey. At least I think that is what she is doing in the picture. Maybe it is a chicken.

Being a monkey, I think

And waving to us at the end, so proud of herself. We are the only parents still sprawled on the gym floor taking pictures.

So proud!

At the end all the girls get stamps on their hands. Bella got a princess and an ice cream cone.

Receiving Stamps at end of Dance Class

And if you give a kid an ice cream cone stamp.... she's going to want an ice cream cone to go with it. So she ended up at Culver's to cap off the evening. Because we are powerless to the cuteness of a tiny pink ballerina.

I went to my usual Tuesday night knitting afterward and I know you'll be jealous when I tell you there were 5 lbs of Jelly Bellies also in attendance that night. NOM NOM COSTCO NOM

In other news, I ran out of yarn for my green Fred Textured baby sweater and had to order more (since I bought it in Rochester) just to do the collar, which is like 8 rows of garter stitch. Damn. I am filling the waiting time by grumpily knitting another toadstool baby rattle.

I might have accelerated Spooky's end, the senior citizen bunny, by taking him to the vet--since now he appears to have a virus or something. Brent has promised to setup Bunny Nursing Home Webcam so I can check him while at work. If only he could twitter! "Fallen. Can't get up. Need apples." about 30 seconds ago from web.

06 February 2009

A Little Nesting

Last weekend I got the urge to fondle my yarn. This isn't really that unusual. But what was unusual is that it was synchronized with a surge of hormones that led to this:

Yarn Organization

Yarn Organization

and this, a completely photographed online yarn stash catalog:

The project all together took me a couple hours. If only I could always spend my free time so industriously!

I do have a sneaky inkling that 'free time' is about to become something of the past. So in a fit of panic I signed up to do "Let's Dish"--a storefront where you go whip together meals in a thousand ziploc baggies and stuff your freezer when you get home. I made 12 meals (the maximum they allow) and at 6 servings per meal, I am hoping that will keep us pretty much fed through maternity leave. (And to the woman who was next to me, I am so sorry that your husband won't eat leftovers. My husband is not so picky and is usually just grateful I am not serving Golden Grahams while apologizing that we are out of milk ("They're just fine with water, really!"). I suggest a gradual lowering of standards.) I was exhausted after 2 hours of Let's Dishing, which I did after a particularly tough day. But I now have these meals tucked away for Impending Baby Chaos:
  • California Chicken
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Chicken Pad Thai
  • Crispy Chicken with Parmesan Potato Chips
  • Fish Tacos with Corn Salsa
  • Spiced Shrimp with Rice Pilaf
  • Greek Style Beef Wraps
  • Wine Country Meatloaf with Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Asian Lettuce Wraps with Ginger Sauce
  • Pork Chops with Three Cheese Potatoes
  • Tortellini with White Wine Primavera
  • and Italian Sausage Lasagna
Don't think this gets you out of bringing food if you come over to "help" with the baby ("help" ACTUALLY means "hold a sleeping baby while you go do laundry and try to pull yourself together, because, god, you look exhausted."--this I have learned and for this I expect compensation).

Here is Bella, cracking me up as always:

Me: *KISS*
Bella: I am holding up a sign.
Me: A sign?
Bella: It says "No Kissing."
Bella: New sign. It says "No Raspberries."
Me: Where did you get that sign?!
Bella: Target.