16 January 2009

Third Birthday

How cute are birthdays when you're three? So cute. It's all about delivering the news, and not so much about all the accouterments. Telling everyone you see that "I'M THREE NOW!"

But of course we did some accouterments.

Birthday Breakfast

Birthday breakfast of pancakes, pre-daycare.
Me (overly excited): Happy Birthday! I'm making you special Birthday Pancakes!!!
Bella: I don't want pancakes.
Me (crushed): What do you want?
Bella: Pancakes with SYRUP!!

Someone once told me that a three-year-old is just a two-year-old with a better sense of humor. Seems to be true, although I don't personally prefer to joke about pancakes. Some things are just sacred.

Strawberry Birthday Cake

Strawberry cake, as requested. I used this recipe and it turned out very strawberry-y, just as I'd hoped. It also turned out to be nuclear pink, which was a little beyond my expectations, but hey I wasn't complaining.



Cutting the Cake

And the much-anticipated gift opening! She was as thrilled as I had hoped she'd be with her own Dora back pack. She right away stuffed it full (with whatever was handy) and put it on. She didn't want to take it off later to put on pajamas so she ended up wearing it with her pajamas, too. When she wouldn't take it off to sit on the toilet, that's when I knew, FTW.

Back Pack!

Wearing Back Pack

Also, a new train.

New Train

And a new doll.

Birthday Presents

This morning was a little neighborhood party, with 4 kids. Bella was very excited and shouted just before everyone started arriving, "I'm going to SHARE!" Way to pump yourself up, kid.

Blowing out Candles

We did a Dora theme, and the kids played "Pin the Tail on Swiper," which was cute except kids that age are apparently highly traumatized by blindfolds. Next, Swiper swiped all my party napkins and hid them all over (that sneaky fox!) and the kids had to help me find them. They liked that game the best and wanted to play it a bunch of times. Then they had cupcakes and opened presents and tore all over the house like wild animals and filled the toilet with toilet paper. Overall, I think it couldn't have gone better!

What a terrific third birthday!


  1. Sounds like an absolute success! The backpack is amazing and the games....what a riot!

  2. Great Pictures. Really fun to see Bella happy and excited about her birthday. Glad the pack was a hit.

    Nuclear Pink?

  3. Great post! I love the photos, and that backpack is truly amazing. I think we just got that same train set for Evelyn, to be a gift from #2 if s/he ever arrives. Congratulations on three years!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Thanks also for the reminder, Eli, to get Bella a present from #2--I hadn't thought of that!