21 January 2009

A Poem

Bella and I love this poem/song. We do it everywhere and substitute all kinds of words. (Booky book book, ready read read. Knitty knit knit, yarny yarn yarn!) It is so sweet and the rhythm is very calming [you can listen to part of it here for free]. So, in case you need a quiet moment today, here you go.

Grassy Grass Grass (Grow Grow Grow)
recorded by Woody Guthrie

Grassy grass grass
Tree tree tree
Leafy leaf leaf
one-y, two, three!
Birdy bird bird
fly fly fly
Nesty nest nest
High high high
Cloudy cloud cloud
Windy wind wind
Rainy rain rain
Muddy mud mud
Doggie dog dog
Runny run run
Quickie quick quick
Homey home home
Beddy bed bed
Sheety sheet sheet
Sleepy sleep sleep
Dreamy dream dream
Dancey dance dance
Singy sing sing
Grow grow grow
Biggie big big

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