28 January 2009

Did I not say Squealingly Adorable?

Bella, modeling her new legwarmers for her Hop'n'Tots class.

Ballerina Legwarmers

She is also holding her new bag that we sewed to hold her dancing shoes. She picked out the fabric all by herself--although I did steer her toward the Dora and Diego fabric since I suspected that might be just what she was looking for. She then wanted to clutch the bolt of Dora fabric (fabric: 22" tall, Bella: 35" tall) as we walked around Jo-Ann's. Then the employee at the cutting table asks what she is making and Bella screams, "A SHOE BAG!!!!!" Hilarious. But then, the woman says, "You'll have extra fabric, you should make a placemat." Hello? A placemat? That would need to be washed? I know you're like 100 years old, but seriously. They make stuff called vinyl now and it's awesome. Unfortunately, Bella keeps referring to the placemat we're going to make--she told a couple strangers at the check-out and then informed Brent when we got home.

Oh, back to the legwarmers. They are knit with Rowan's RYC Cashsoft Baby DK in pixie--a yarn I love so much I asked Brent if he liked "Rowan" for a baby name. I just used size 5 double-points and cast on 46 stitches, then worked in K1/P1 rib for about 13 inches. If I was doing it over, I would cast on only about 36 stitches, since by the end of Hopping and Totting, they were bunched up down on her ankles. But at least she can grow into them.

Thanks everyone who has emailed about the furnace and offers of places to stay! We opted to stick it out at our house and cozy up with spaceheaters and the gas fireplace and it worked well. Then we didn't have to worry about pipes freezing or anything. We ended up going about 2.5 days like that, until we were able to have the new furnace all hooked up and running, which they finished up around 1 pm yesterday. After the furnace was all finalized, I took advantage of our cleaned out furnace/laundry room to create a Martha-worthy laundry sorting area. How exciting! A happy ending all around.

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  1. Aw, those are cute! And she doesn't even look stumpy. Toddlers can get away with anything.

    I tried my own pair of legwarmers on again and *almost* wore them out. Not quite, but I'm getting closer. I think the trick is really the right combination of skirt, shoes, and tights.