07 December 2008

Saint Nicholas

Brent's holiday traditions from childhood include a visit from Saint Nicholas on December 5. I never did this as a kid so I was trying to pry the details out of him, but he was of little to no use. Apparently his version included a bag of treats. He wasn't sure but he thought there was a shoe involved. So I turned to a more reliable source, the trusty internet!

Bella and I made the traditional cookies, Speculaas. Which technically you're supposed to have little molds for, but we just used cookie cutters. Brent did not recall cookies as part of his tradition, but then revised that by saying they "tasted familiar." 

Cutting Speculaas
Sugaring the Speculaas
Speculaas Ready to Bake

Then we put out the shoe, stuffed with bunny hay, onto the front porch. Bella selected her croc. 

Shoe is all ready

When she woke up in the morning, Saint Nicholas had brought peppermint patties, candy canes, and a princess ornament. 

Treats from St. Nicholas

What a very cute tradition!

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