17 December 2008


When it's this cold out, there's not much to do but cozy up inside and make some holiday cheer! Oh, and go out to the Dr. and get diagnosed with preliminary pneumonia. (But that's just if you're Bella. And really she doesn't seem that bad. I only took her in because she had a bad cough and daycare sent home a sheet that one of her classmates has whooping cough and I freaked out.)

Anyway, back to getting cozy. We decided to make our friends, teachers, etc. some hot cocoa mix. After I had confirmed that we wouldn't be putting whooping cough germs into each batch (Merry Coughmas!), we got out all the ingredients. Bella is beside herself at this point: mini chocolate chips! mini marshmallows!

Hot Cocoa Gifts

Hot Cocoa Gifts

I did this part (the tags) while Bella was resting in front of the TV. Bella's marker skills wouldn't have led to the Martha Stewart look I was going for. Also it was kind of repetitive and even I got bored.

Hot Cocoa in a Jar

Tah dah! We were quite proud of ourselves at how cute they turned out.


  1. Preliminary Pneumonia? I thought that was something that you have or don't.

  2. She said it wasn't pneumonia yet. But it kind of sounded pneumonia-y on her left side.