27 December 2008


Christmas 2008

What a wonderful Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. We loved reading all the cards and blogs of family and friends that recapped their year. Thank you so much for including us in your lives!

Bella was such fun to watch at Christmas. All excitement and sweetness. She had requested Santa bring her cookies, and he did (big frosty fancy ones), and she began eating them directly--not even noticing the other presents!

This year's gifting included a few handmade items, always my favorite part of Christmas.
  • Felted bowls, 2 for my mom and 1 for my boss
  • Felted nest for my aunt (this is my favorite gift ever!)
  • Cupcake Purse for my niece
  • Car Organizers for my niece and nephew (I was too dumb to take a picture, but they turned out super cute)
  • Mushroom Rattle for a co-worker's Christmas baby
I ended up being quite sick for Christmas. My usual ulcerative colitis problems are presumably being complicated by a huge peanut squishing up all my important internal parts and a couple of the winter viruses that are going around. But I was so thankful that other family members had offered to host this year and so all I had to do was drag myself over to their couches and be waited on while other people entertained my kid. I was also very thankful that my local clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Walgreen's are all open on Christmas Eve! What a lifesaver.

I also was made to feel better by a number of incredibly awesome gifts. Because I'm shallow like that. Shall I bullet those out too? Why yes, I shall!
  • Sock blockers (which I think Brent gave me just so he could make a lot of cock blocker jokes)
  • A laptop lunch bento box
  • Stiched in Time (from Posie gets Cozy, my favorite blog)
  • The Stitch-It Kit (in all its out-of-print goodness)
  • A handmade felted snowman (!)
  • An Itty Bitty Booklight--which I have used every night since for increased marital bliss
  • Some great looking cookbooks, including Martha's latest tome and The Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper.
  • A carton full of fresh Auracana eggs, OMG JUST LIKE MARTHA!
  • A tripod to take awesomer pictures for the blog!
There, I think that's it for the Christmas recap bulletfest. I hope the end of 2008 finds you well, happy, and rested up for a new year.

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