07 November 2008

Wanna play with me?

Bella is so cute and I love this age and blah blah blah.... But honestly, when it's 10 am and I've already heard, "Will you play with me?" like 4,000 times, I have to remind myself: "Do not freak out. Look how cute she is. Calm the fuck down." And she's still talking, "You be Dora and I'll be Boots. You be Bear being Dora and I'll be Blankie being Boots. K?" Me: "Um, have you seen mommy's coffee?" Bella: "You be Bear being Dora being Diego RESCUING your coffee, and I'll be Elmo being Boots being Baby Jaguar! Let's get Pandy's doctor toys! I'LL BE DR. PEARSON!!"

And I know, in six years she won't want to be caught dead playing with me. Blah blah BLAHBIDDY BLAH. That's what I say to all you experienced parents out there. You know who you are, you "it all goes so fast" women who walk by on the bike path as I'm chasing Bella around the park and birthing myself out of some little tunnel slide for the hundredth time. "These are the best days of your life!" one dewy-eyed g'ma told me.


Oh excuse me. I know they are just trying to give me some perspective. Which is why I invented the Bella Activity WheelTM!

Activity Wheel

It is chock full of 12 activities that Bella enjoys doing. (Except for putting on clothes, she doesn't enjoy that one, but I snuck it in there anyway). And look, only ONE of them is sitting on the floor playing with mommy [being Bear being Dora having cupcakes made by Dr. Pearson who is really Zoe]!

Bella was very excited about it.

Activity Wheel

And she immediately pointed the arrow at her and mommy sitting on the floor playing with Bear and Blankie.

Activity Wheel

And that is where she always points it. And now, she has proof that it is time for us to sit and play. "Look at THE ARROW! It's pointing at us playing!!"

Must.... remember... best... days... of... life....

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  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling the little sweeties that there are some things that kids do and some things that grown ups do. When Evan was little mommy did not play with cars. Ever. "I will have my coffee and you come play by me and I will watch you with the cars while I also watch the pages of this book." I would read to him and take him places and play games--hey, games need opponents-- but grown ups--this grown-up, anyway, does not play with cars. Guess what he said? "ok." Just like that. He was perfectly, instantly ok with it. This is just the way it is. Give it a shot.