26 October 2008

Halloween Parade

We had a big day on Saturday. It was the open house for my friend Jennifer's wedding, and I must say, I'm a big fan of the open house concept. Very kid-friendly. Then we suited up the little monkey for the Anoka Halloween Parade.

Spiderweb Cookie

This is a parade in a class of it's own. It is 2.5 hours long and every float, one after the other, is elaborately, ridiculously, over-the-top decorated for Halloween. All those princess floats from summer parades? They're now the Jackson 5, garden gnomes, pirates, and hockey players. There are dogs in costumes, mayors in costumes, bands in costume, shriners in costumes. Not to mention every kid on the sidelines is decked out.

Anoka Halloween Parade

Bella enjoyed waving ("Hold my cookie. I need to wave!") and pointing out jack-o-lanterns. Which were the most mundane of the things that went by--a full Price Is Right float with Bob Barker and lovely ladies, and Bella's going, "Look look! A jack-o-lantern!!"

Anoka Halloween Parade

After the parade, we dropped Bella off for the Halloween Party at daycare. There was a haunted house and everything! That's great, whatever, see you later kid. SCREECH VROOM!! Date Night! We decided to do something fancy and went to Lindey's Steak House. Then saw a movie. It was very romantic.

Lindey's Steak House

Ahhhhh! We can relax and have a nice glass of... DAMMIT!

Lindey's Steak House Menu

The menu: Steak Steak Steak and Shrimp.



I was kind of dreading Saturday since I don't like having too much scheduled stuff, and here was THREE events to attend, with maniac inbetween driving and costume changes. I prefer to sit on the couch. But it is over and we had fun and today we can just sit on the couch. Oh damn, today is clean up the house day. Well isn't that just a kick in the pants.

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