26 October 2008

Halloween Parade

We had a big day on Saturday. It was the open house for my friend Jennifer's wedding, and I must say, I'm a big fan of the open house concept. Very kid-friendly. Then we suited up the little monkey for the Anoka Halloween Parade.

Spiderweb Cookie

This is a parade in a class of it's own. It is 2.5 hours long and every float, one after the other, is elaborately, ridiculously, over-the-top decorated for Halloween. All those princess floats from summer parades? They're now the Jackson 5, garden gnomes, pirates, and hockey players. There are dogs in costumes, mayors in costumes, bands in costume, shriners in costumes. Not to mention every kid on the sidelines is decked out.

Anoka Halloween Parade

Bella enjoyed waving ("Hold my cookie. I need to wave!") and pointing out jack-o-lanterns. Which were the most mundane of the things that went by--a full Price Is Right float with Bob Barker and lovely ladies, and Bella's going, "Look look! A jack-o-lantern!!"

Anoka Halloween Parade

After the parade, we dropped Bella off for the Halloween Party at daycare. There was a haunted house and everything! That's great, whatever, see you later kid. SCREECH VROOM!! Date Night! We decided to do something fancy and went to Lindey's Steak House. Then saw a movie. It was very romantic.

Lindey's Steak House

Ahhhhh! We can relax and have a nice glass of... DAMMIT!

Lindey's Steak House Menu

The menu: Steak Steak Steak and Shrimp.



I was kind of dreading Saturday since I don't like having too much scheduled stuff, and here was THREE events to attend, with maniac inbetween driving and costume changes. I prefer to sit on the couch. But it is over and we had fun and today we can just sit on the couch. Oh damn, today is clean up the house day. Well isn't that just a kick in the pants.

07 October 2008

First Haircut

Look who got her first haircut!

First Haircut

She was getting very grumpy about all the tangles after bath each night, so I said, let's chop it off. I made an appointment at Kids Hair in Roseville, which was great. Bella watched Dora, colored, got a sucker and a sticker, and ended up having to have a time-out because, 15 minutes after her haircut, she still wouldn't leave. To be honest, I was right there with her, since there was free Caribou Coffee. But it just seemed weird to loiter.

She couldn't wait to tell daddy about her trip to the "Beauty Parlor."

First Haircut

The finished look, they even gave her a little braid:

First Haircut

We got an envelope, with chunks of her hair for the scrapbook, which explains why they ask on the phone if it is her first cut. Very cute. Now if only they could set this up so I could get my haircut at the same time--now that would be perfect! Juut/Kids Hair... am I the only one who thinks this stuff up??

05 October 2008

Jennifer: My kind of bride

Jennifer, one of the long-time Stitch'n'Bitchers, is getting married. She awesomely chose to have her bachelorette party be a camping trip. Which I would totally do too if I had it to do over again. (Not surprising to anyone who was at my bachelorette.)

Jennifer, the Camping Bride

We met down at lovely campsite #55 in Frontenac State Park. It was a gorgeous, GORGEOUS day out. Crisp and clear, the leaves changing, Lake Pepin sparkling.

Our campsite was canopied but cleared. Just perfect.

The canopy of our campsite

We declared happy hour almost immediately.

Bachelorette Camping

Katri and Beanie, busting out happy hour

Kelly made these cupcakes

A new experience for me, camping with a dog. Oscar, the pathetically friendly dog.


We went on a glorious, bluff-y, easy-going hike, but I forgot to bring my camera. We got back just as the sun was setting and Kelly built us a cozy, roaring fire. We toasted up some pizzas, nachos, and s'mores--believe me, a winner of a menu. I stayed as long as I could (about 11) and then I headed back home, having decided I could not lose a night of sleep right before a big day of toddler fun on Sunday with Laurie Berkner.

I can't wait to visit this park again, it is definitely a keeper. And Brent is very excited about the idea of "going camping" and then being allowed to return home at 11 pm and sleep in his own bed. Hmmmm... I'll have to think about that. If it lures him out camping more often, it might be worth it. A camping-free camping compromise?

Oh, and Happy Anniversary, cutie pie!