03 September 2008

State Fair: Day 10

Today was a glorious fair day. Beautiful weather and TWO trips to the Fair!

Bella and I went in the morning and met up with Uncle Dave and Nick. We were basically just in time to hop on the frenzy-train and ride the Space Tower with Nick. I discovered that, yes, it is still high and nauseating. Good to know. Nick was so enthused it was unbelievable. At the bottom he wanted to know the history of my relationship with the Space Tower: Had I ridden it before? When? When did I first ride it? Was it blue THEN? Did it go as high as it does now? Did it spin?!

It was decided the best way to stop the stream was to fill the hole with pancakes. I'm pretty sure they were some kind of cult pancakes, since it was the booth of the something-something Eastern Star. But hey, it was pancakes.

A good sign.

Then, after some spin-a-painting and Giant Slide fun, Bella and I called it a day. She was crabby and had quite possibly had enough of the Fair.

But never fear, I hadn't!! We got a babysitter for the evening and I convinced Brent to have a date night at the Fair. Oh, what fun. We romantically split an order of the deep-fried loaded tater tots on a stick and meandered through buildings. We bought Bella a bear marionette (shhhh! surprise) and split some of the Hawaiian noodles from the bazaar. The ones that have the menu: "Noodles-$6." And that's all that's on it. They were good, lots of vegetables like broccoli and carrots and squash, so we patted ourselves on the back for our healthy fair eating. After that I was starving for a glass of milk. Quite difficult to find after 9 pm, but don't worry, I'm not a Fair expert for nothing. I got my milk.

Then we met up with a whole crowd of friends, and proceeded to laugh at their amusement with the manure pit signage behind the cattle barns. Pictures of boys squatting by the "No Dumping" and "Use Manure Pit for Dumping" signs are so hilarious when you're 5, er, 35 years old. GROAN!

The fireworks were kind of late, which made us late for the sitter. But she was cool and didn't seem to mind. I said my good-byes to the Fair, since this will be my last visit. Until next year, Fair, thanks for all that you give us.

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